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Tired of age-old job boards and crappy headhunting?

Data-driven recruitment programs with mobile
targeting and engagement techniques

From minimum wage workers to C-Suite candidates

How it works

Our programs use a proven, analytics-based methodology customized for a client's specific needs. We first start by understanding the target demographic for the open positions.

How to recruit minimum wage workers:

Geofence competitors in the neighborhood

We can geofence every Sam’s Club within a 10-mile radius of your preferred location. Then we drill down to the demographic we had previously tested, and collect all IDs that engaged with your ad. Next, we launch a retargeting campaign using the captured IDs. These IDs are stored and do not have an expiration date.

Target employess of closing companies

If a large chain (e.g. Toys R Us) is shutting down and you are looking for minimum wage workers, we can create a program to geofence their every store in the US and capture the mobile IDs that engaged with your ad.

How to approach C-level candidates:

If you are a cybersecurity company in Boston looking to draw talent from the West Coast, we will geofence key tech businesses and drill down to demographics that fit your desired candidate profile. If you are looking for candidates in two cities and the CTR is below .3%, we will suggest testing two or three other cities for optimal results.

Technology and processes that work

We use the same technology to procure the right people for you as marketers do to effectively sell their products. Copley Advertising has created a short-term - long tail recruitment model that will fetch top candidates to fill the current positions and create a river of talent to choose from on demand.

Mobile Engines

Facebook Audiences

iOS and Android Apps

Existings Channel


Trade Shows

Other Sources

Carefully chosen to match your needs and audience

Additional Retargetting

We can target these candidates for infinite time.

Further Nurturing

The company will continue to send high-quality emails that address these issues and include tailored webinars and invitation to on-site events. The goal is to make the relationship with the job candidates closer over time and have them see the company as a resource.

Pool of Candidates

You are ready to contact the candidates who match all your criteria.

Request a FREE consultation to learn how to use modern technology to recruit people who are not actively looking for a job or have no online presence.

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